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American flag, Stars and Stripes, painting of the American flag, Fort McHenry, Star Spangled Banner
"Flag over Fort McHenry"
Acrylic and oil on gallery wrap canvas

This painting was created in one day. I started with a canvas that had a paint- roughed texture at 6 in the morning. I worked on it, outside on a day that ended up being 102 degrees.

It is painting of our great Stars and Stripes flag, the one that flew over Fort McHenry when the British tried by failed to invade Baltimore in 1814. The greatest military fleet in the world attacked the fort with 5 of it's 8 "Bomb ships" capable of hurling 30" diameter bombs nearly a mile. They tried all night to destroy the fort but failed. The Americans held their ground and their freedom.

This is a painting of patriotism, of protest against the hatred toward the greatest nation on the face of the earth.