My challenge is to capture a feeling in addition to a vision.

Nearly 500 years ago, the artist and art historian Georgio Vasari noted that an artist's initial draft in the moment of inspiration had a vitality and spontaneity that became obliterated once the work was colored in. This observation struck a chord with me and I realized my approach to painting was almost like a painting being turned inside out. I put the work together, building structure, surface and color; then use spontaneous brushwork to finish it.

Some of them develop rapidly and others evolve. Sometimes they take on a life of their own and move in a direction that I did not anticipate. It is fun to be surprised by what happens on the canvas. One of the challenges is knowing when to put the brush down. Continuing to paint after the statement has been made often changes the work but does not improve it.

I have exhibited in regional Central California art competitions, winning many 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards, Best of Shows, Judges Choice awards, but in all honesty judged shows are highly subjective and many times it comes down to a judge’s taste in art. I have exhibited in fine art galleries in coastal cities, included in shows that draw 100,000 people in two days, and shown work at premium wineries on California’s Central coast. One of the biggest challenges I face is being an “outsider”. Some galleries and exhibitions tend to disfavor non-local artists (artists that don’t live in their town or area) I understand this and since I live in a smaller rural area this is just something I have to work around.

R W "Bob" Goetting