Portfolio > Paintings of France by R. W. Bob Goetting

Cassis, Cassis France, Provence France, original oil painting, R W Bob Goetting, light,
Afternoon light in Cassis
Oil on canvas

It was a warm day in July when I was last in Cassis. The light was soft on the waterfront, showing off the colorful storefronts and restaurants. The site where Cassis now sits was first occupied between 500 and 600 BC by the Ligures, who constructed a fortified habitation at the top of the Baou Redon. These people lived by fishing, hunting, and by farming.
During the Roman times, Cassis was part of the maritime route made by the Emperor Antoninus Pius. It was a small village, established mainly around the Arena and Corton beaches. The principal livelihood was fishing and maritime trade with North Africa and the Middle East.