Nearly 500 years ago, the artist and art historian Georgio Vasari noted that an artist's initial draft in the moment of inspiration had a vitality and sponaneity that became obliterated once the work was colored in. This observation struck a chord with me and I realized my approach to painting was almost like a painting being turned inside out. I put the work together, building structure, surface and color; then use spontaneous brushwork to finish it.
My work almost always has a type of history, with new brushstrokes over old ones, fresh images over previous attempts or bright color dragged over muted tones. In a sense, they can be viewed as a sort of a painterly archeological dig.
Some of them develop rapidly and others evolve. Sometimes they take on a life of their own and move in a direction that I did not anticipate. It is fun to be suprised by what happens on the canvas.
R W "Bob" Goetting